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Welcome to the most dedicated campsite in the East, welcome to our BASECAMP. The new base for fighters who can’t get enough of AIRFORCE. Prepare for a strictly secret operation with a big pre-party, massive afterparty and badass activities. Set up your tent together with your party crew and become part of this mission! Check the instructions below and discover what awaits you.

That's why!

Whether you live closeby or far away; experience the AIRFORCE in full force at BASECAMP. From Friday to Sunday morning, your tent right next to the runway, between the hangars, radar towers and F16 shelters. Immerse yourself in this mission and party twice as hard and long. This will be the place where you and your friends start with, yes… fúll power and leave with muscle aches.

The AIRFORCE Experience

Why one day AIRFORCE Festival, when the best freestyle, hardcore and raw hardstyle artists get together on Friday already for a rock-hard pre-party? Why not end AIRFORCE on Saturday night with an even wilder afterparty? Party on until 04:00 and vibrate out of your tent with the same hard kicks the next day again. Here we don’t hold back, we go maximum. Chaos, disorder… you ain’t ready for this….

Heavy artillery

Between the F16 shelters, radar towers and hangars there is even more heavy artillery: the best of the best artists. From hardcore and industrial to raw hardstyle and freestyle. Start your AIRFORCE mission in style with a massive pre-party and end it with a massive after party!

Military surroundings

The best of the best: a former military base as campsite. Runway, radar towers, F16 shelters, trucks, hangars and bunkers. Do we need to say more? From the very first moment you make your shelter here, you imagine yourself in military territory.

Provided with all comforts

Of course this campsite is fully equipped. After a morning, a day and a night of hard partying, a shower is not an unnecessary luxury. Not even on a military basis. We also have a mini-supermarket and an inflate service for your airbeds. In case you still need to catch your breath from all the madness.



At BASECAMP one thing is certain: you sleep in style. In your own tent on the BASECAMP campsite, festipi’s or in dark green, army tents. But we can assure you: there is not much time to sleep…

Please note: festival and camping tickets are not included with the accommodations!



2 persons

Be prepared for everything with an Army Festipi. No need to bring anything before going to sleep. This tent comes with thick sleeping mats, Nomad Bronco sleeping bags and soft pillows (including covers). We’ll set it up for you, so you can just crawl in when you’re ready.

Book this tent for €69,- ex fee (2 nights, 2 persons) directly in our ticketshop, to make you AIRFORCE experience the most comfortable.


Army tent US1

Max 10 people

AIRFORCE should be experienced fully in military style of course! This dark green army tent is ideal for bigger groups (max 10 persons) and is limited available. The tent will be ready and set up for you on arrival, and includes a groundsheet. You can also upgrade the army tent with a deck floor or camp beds, among other things.

Book this army tent for €245,- ex fee (2 nights, 10 persons max) directly in our ticketshop.


Army tent US2

Max 20 people

This mega army tent is ideal for big groups (about 16-20 persons) that want to stay on the AIRFORCE Festival camping. The tent is limited available, will be set up for you and includes a groundsheet. You can upgrade the tent with a deck floor or camp beds, among other things.

Book this army tent for €365,- ex fee (2 nights, 20 persons max) directly in our ticketshop, and be assurd of the true AIRFORCE experience. 


Or bring your own tent!

You can also bring your own tent! An ‘AIRFORCE Festival + Camping’-ticket gives you a standard camping place on BASECAMP. So, take your camping gear from the attic, bring your own tent and sleeping gear.

Get your regular AIRFORCE Festival + Camping ticket OR camping upgrade in our ticketshop


F-16 shelters B-526 & B-527 will be established as hangout, pre-party and afterparty areas. A nice retreat or a warm-up for the AIRFORCE violence which then erupts.


BBQ Madness @ Basecamp


We kick off AIRFORCE Festival with the most brutal barbecue you have ever experienced. Together with pre-party artists such as Bass-D, Anime, DJ Mad Dog, Act of Rage and more. Denekamps Gespuis already had a taste and that escalated quickly. Check their video to get in the mood!


Preparty @ BASECAMP


Can AIRFORCE not start early enough for you? That’s the spirit. At our BASECAMP the pre-party starts on Friday from 10 p.m. – 4 p.m. Of course together with all your free-, raw-, hardstyle and hardcore heroes. View the line-up here! So be there!


Afterparty @ BASECAMP

Saturday, never going home!

In addition to a pre-party, our BASECAMP also has a big after-party on Saturday until 4:00 AM.

Check the after-party line-up here and make sure you don’t miss anything!


Hangout Area

The place to be

In the Hangout Area of BASECAMP you can already get in the mood and prepare yourself for the violence that will erupt a few meters away. The sun on your head, an AIRFORCE outfit, an ice-cold drink with your friends and you are ready to go!



In addition to all that bouncing, sweating and partying; a shower, a clean toilet and a charging point for your phone might be nice. At BASECAMP you will find all the facilities that you and your friends need to survive AIRFORCE.


Within walking distance

You may even crawl...

The campsite is located between the hangars and radar towers. Within walking distance of the festival site. In fact: you can crawl there. If your legs are out of order, you’ll at least make it to your tent.


Solid Sanitary Facilities

Fresh & Free

You can use the sanitary facilities all day to freshen up and prepare for the festival grounds. Of course there are also plenty of toilets on the festival grounds and the campsite.


Mini supermarket

Anything you need

Ran out of beer? Forgot your toothbrush? Or just need to pop your energy-level quickly? Our supermarket is the place to be for morning sandwiches, all kinds of drinks and camping supplies. Everything you need!


Pump service

at your serive

Air beds, inflatable dolls and crocodiles; pump that stuff up. Not only because it is much easier, but also because you will really need your lung capacity when the festival starts …



Extra Large

You can easily store your valuables in one of the (large) lockers on the campsite. Want to be sure of a locker in advance? Order it here. On at the camping you will get your own locker and code.




There will be power points to charge your phone all over the BASECAMP terrain. That way you can stay online to share your most brutal moments with your pussy friends who stayed at home.



Hardcore flame grilling

Light it up! Because what’s a military base without fire and smoke? On the BASECAMP terrain are a number of BBQ spots where you and your fellow hardcore heads can roast some nice meat. You’ll need that energy to go rock-hard on the festival site.

All you need to know / FAQ Camping

Hey Basecamper! You’re amongst a select fellowship that resides at the AIRFORCE camping. To make your BASECAMP experience unforgettable, we do have a couple of guidelines to make sure everything goes smoothly. Please have a good look at these rules before you storm down our entrance gates with all your belongings.

Useful facts

Where is the camping?

The camping is next tot he festival site at the former Military Airbase Twenthe. Therefore you can make your way from your tent to your favorite artist within no-time.

The navigation address is Oldenzaalsestraat 1042, 7524 AJ, Enschede. Make sure you switch off your GPS as soon as you see the yellow ‘FESTIVAL’ signs.

How do I get to the camping?

Arriving by public transport?
Take the shuttle bus from Enschede central station to BASECAMP. (Note: only on Saturdays!). Get your shuttle bus return ticket here. Shuttle bus operational hours: Saturday: 11:00 – 0:30 u

Arriving on Friday and/or leaving on Sunday by public transport?
Check for the schedule of the public transportation. Nearest busstop: Bushalte Landweerweg, Enschede. Please note: this busstop is nót directly in front of the festivalterrain and we don’t have any influence on the schedule; it’s public transportation.

Are you coming by car?
With a valid parking ticket you have access to the parking area that’s located directly next to the camping site. For more information about transport, check this page.

How to get access to the camping?

Entering BASECAMP is only allowed with a valid camping ticket, which can be purchased here. Your bags will be checked at the entrance to see if your items are allowed. Please carefully read the camping regulations to find out what is and what is not allowed on the camping.

I’ve got a BASECAMP ticket! Can I leave and return the camping in between?

Yep! No problem. The wristband (camping + festival) allows you to leave the terrain (via the camping entrance) and return without hassle. Please note that bringing drinks onto the camping site is allowed only once, you will be checked for this at the entrance.

I already have a ticket for AIRFORCE Festival, but I also want to go to the campsite. Is that still possible?

Yes, you can! In the ticketshop you can get the Camping | Upgrade ticket. You’ll receive a wristband with access to the campsite and the pre- and afterparties.

Is there place for disabled people on the camping?

We sure took disabled people into consideration for the BASECAMP camping! Please notify us by mail, they will take you through the possibilities. Please notify us by email, so that together we can look for a suitable campsite spot.

How can I make payment on the camping?

The currency on AIRFORCE Festival and BASECAMP are our tokens, which you can use on Friday and Saturday. Tokens can be purchased at the camping with your bank card and credit card (Mastercard / VISA / Maestro) and in cash.

Can I bring my medication onto the camping site?

If you need to bring your medication to the camping site or the festival, please inform us on which medication you need by filling out this form, and share a doctor’s note stating this as well. After approval, you are allowed to bring this medication onto the terrain (do not forget to bring the doctor’s note to the event!).

Can I light a massive fire?

Ehh, how about no? We provide chill-out areas with crackling fires on the camping site, but making your own fire is not allowed. This also applies to fireworks and big BBQ’s.

What is absolutely not allowed (and what is)? (Camping regulations)

Visual summary of the list below!

  • Shopping carts (we only allow wheelbarrows and handtrucks that fit through the visitation gates)
  • Cars, bicycles, motorbikes, scooters, trailers , etc.
  • (Steam)generators, batteries, car batteries, etc.
  • Beer draft installations: kegs of 5L with integrated taps are allowed, as long as you do not exceed the maximum amount of liters that is permitted. One person may bring up to 4L max (of which 2L alcoholic) . You’re arriving with 5? Then you can bring (5×2=) 10 liter together. That’s 2 self-pour taps of 5L. And 10 liter of milk of course ?
  • (Large) sound systems
  • Glass or any sharp items.
  • Weapons or objects that can be used as weapons.
  • Drugs or other narcotic substances which can be used as drugs
  • Open fire, fireworks, camp fires or large BBQ’s (small disposable BBQ’s are allowed on the BBQ-spots only)
  • Large gas bottles/cylinders (allowed are small camping gas bottles [guideline: Campingaz 901 – 0.4 kg] and gas cartridges for camping stoves)
  • Dry ice and laughing gas cartridges
  • Graffiti, confetti, party poppers, paint, etc.
  • Pets
  • Merchandise of any kind without permission of the organization
  • Promotional material of other events (flyers, stickers, posters, banners etc.)
  • Drones and professional photo & video equipment
  • Everything that is prohibited by Dutch law

Read the full Camping Regulations here

Anything that might negatively influence the experience of others, is not allowed on the terrain. In case of doubt or disccusion about the regulations, the organization will always have the final say. Any violation of these rules will lead to removal from the camping and a denial of access to AIRFORCE Festival.

For when you lost track of time…

What are the opening times for the camping?

BASECAMP opens her gates on Friday 2 August at 15:00 and closes on Sunday 4 August at 12:00 (noon).

When do I need to leave the camping latest?

The camping needs to be clear and tidy at 12:00 (noon) on Sunday.

Everything about (camping) tents

I want to bring my own tent to BASECAMP. Is that allowed?

Yes, that’s possible!
An ‘AIRFORCE Festival + Camping’-ticket gives you a standard camping place on BASECAMP. So, take your camping gear from the attic, bring your own tent and sleeping gear and set up your tent together with your friends in the sun. Great!

Do you want more luxury and convenience? Then book one of the pre-set tents (Festipi or an army tent).

What’s the max tent size allowed on the camping site?

The size of the tent needs to be reasonable compared to the amount of people sleeping inside. There is no size limit, but please be considerate and don’t take more than 2 m2 per person. You can’t just place your tent anywhere. The organization / camping host will get you a nice spot that keeps the fire exits clear.

Please note!

  • Tents that are set up beforehand are not allowed. It is also not allowed to take your tent onto the camping site with a trailer. You will have to carry your tent yourself or use a wheelbarrow / handtruck that fits through the inspection gates (70 cm wide).
  • The organization and camping host reserve the right to reject tents or replace them.
Can I bring a party tent?

Yes you can! However, the same regulations apply as for normal tents. Party tents can only be placed at the direction of the organization / camping host, and may be 3 x 3 m max. It is not allowed to create a circle of tents with a party tent in the center.

Do I have to sleep in a tent?

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to! Aside from your own tent, there are 2 options for spending the night at BASECAMPFor example, go for a pre-set Festipi or an army tent.

Does camping not suit you? Do you value a little bit more luxury? But would you still like to stay nearby the festival site? Make use of the multiple hotels nearby Enschede. Be sure to book the right nights before making your reservation. Check the several options on this page.

When can I check in with my tent?

Check in is possible on:

Friday: between 15:00 and 22:00
Saturday: between 10:00 and 15:00

Our advice: come on time, so you don’t have to miss anything;)

When can I check out with my tent?

Check out is possible until Sunday 12:00 (noon). After that, your spot on the camping (and the entire camping) needs to be clear and tidy.

Can I put up a tent for my friends who arrive later?

Yes, but always consult the organization / camping host before you do.


Are there ready-made tents at AIRFORCE Festival?

Do you love camping, but you also enjoy some comfort and luxury? The ready-made tents at AIRFORCE Festival are there so you don’t have to worry about setting up camp, AND you’ll have a guaranteed to sleep on a good camping spot.

Please note! Limited availability.

Check out the several options below:

Can I enter the AIRFORCE Festival campsite with a caravan/camper?

No, caravans and campers are not allowed. You may only enter the campsite with a tent of your own or if you have booked a festipi or army tent.

Can I also just book a hotel nearby AIRFORCE Festival?

Does camping not suit you? Do you value a little bit more luxury? But would you still like to stay nearby the festival site? Make use of the multiple hotels nearby Enschede. Be sure to book the right nights before making your reservation. Check the several options on this page.

Please note that these packages do not include a Camping wristband and therefore do not include access to the campsite, pre- and after-parties. For this you need a Festival + Camping or a Camping – Upgrade ticket.


Is there power supply and water available at Basecamp?

There are no power and running water facilities at the actual camping spots. Of course there are plenty of possibilities for charging your phone, blow-drying your hair or drinking a glass of water.

Powerbanks are available in the supermarket on the camping.

Are there showers at BASECAMP?

Sure thing! After a long day of partying you can sure use a good shower… and it’s at no extra costs!

Are there lockers at BASECAMP where I can safely store my belongings?

You can store all your valuables safely in one of the lockers. Want to make sure you secure yours already? Order one here!

Can I park my car close to BASECAMP?

You can park your car at walking distance from BASECAMP on the parking space! So you do not have to drag far with all your things and you can park close by. Just follow the yellow signs.


What kind of special activities should I expect at BASECAMP?

We have a good couple of activities waiting for you at the very first camping edition of BASECAMP. Best prepare yourself for the brutal pre- & afterparties on the AIRFORCE Festival camping!

Are there going to be afterparties after midnight again?

Hell yes! This year there are even pre and after parties.

The last massive banger and then it’s over. The music fades out and the masses proceed to the exit. Or not. Don’t you just never wanna go home again? At BASECAMP the (welcome)party starts at Friday already, and continues on the Saturday. Until 04:00h we host the maddest afterparty in Twente! After that… your bed will be nice and closeby! (In case you want to sleep 😉 )

Food & drinks

What food and drinks can I expect at BASECAMP?

At the camping you’ll find the BASECAMP mini-supermarket, where you’ll be provided with food, drinks and other useful camping items that you may have forgotten. More information about what specifically will be offered in the mini supermarket will follow!

Can I bring food and drinks?

Bringing food and drinks onto the camping is allowed only the first time, when checking in. After that it’s not allowed anymore. Each visitor is allowed to bring:

  • 2 liters of low percentage alcoholic drinks (below 15%). Strong liquors, home-mixed drinks and not-sealed containers are not allowed;
  • 2 liters of non-alcoholic drinks (sealed containers only).

Glassware is always forbidden!!

Of course there are enough cold (soda) drinks available at the BASECAMP supermarket.

Can I bring a BBQ?

Special BBQ spots have been set up at the campsite where you and your friends can use the shared barbecues free of charge. Suppose there are no more places at these BBQ spots, you can buy a disposable BBQ at the mini supermarket or bring your own disposable BBQ from home.

Pay attention! Only disposable BBQs are allowed, so leave those big things at home!