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Extra briefing: prepare for the hot weather!

02 Aug

YES, it’s almost time for AIRFORCE Festival! And since mother nature hasn’t stopped pushing that temperature, it’s time to prepare for a hot, very summery day. If you’re indestructible you can skip this article – if you’re not, we recommend to read all the information below carefully. In this way you can start your mission with maximum preparation this Saturday. UNIFIED DEMOLITION!

Take cover!

We get you, partying AND working on your tan… It doesn’t get better than that. However, don’t be overconfident. Search for a spot in the shadows every now and then, we’ve created some extra on the festival site. There will be two outdoor areas and four indoor areas.

Indoor areas?! That’s HOT man!

There are four indoor areas at the AIRFORCE festival site: the Hellfire, Killzone, G-Force and Black Box. Hot? Hell no! Military bunkers of course already have some resistance against the heat. Next to that we’ll cool them extra with large vans. Double win!


For this mission a summer-uniform is allowed. Dress summery, but bring some warm clothes for your way home. The event ends at midnight, so the temperature will have decreased by then.

There will be different types of (AIRFORCE Festival) caps and hand fans available at the event. You can also bring your own hand fan if it doesn’t contain metal parts.


It’s allowed to bring your (unopened sunscreen) to the event. Don’t want to keep it with you? There is also free sunscreen available at the ‚KWF Insmeerbar‘ and the first aid.


The answer is YES! There will be free drinking water at the festival site. Make sure to drink enough, but not too much. 1 or 2 glasses each hour should be enough.


On a hot day you’ll lose a lot of water AND salt, so make sure to also keep your salt level high enough. On the festival site there will be many food stands where you can buy salty food. Next to that we stocked a lot of ice cream: rocket ice, Festini-ice and Calippo Green. A great way to cool down (or to make friends).

Stay fresh!

Don’t want to dance around in someone else’s smelly body odor? Set the good example! There is a freshpoint at AIRFORCE Festival where you can fresh yourself up. We bet that everyone wants to smell like you after that!

You can also bring your own deodorant rollers to the event. Deodorant spray is not allowed.

3, 2, 1… Shoot!

On a military airbase your OF COURSE allowed to bring something to shoot with! To keep it friendly, we’ll limit this to (small) water guns. You can bring these inside empty and fill them at the festival site.

Extra cooling down zone: the Warzone!

In for a battle? Still have an axe to grind with a friend? Come to the WARZONE and go all out! In this special equipped area you’ll find a tower with water sprinklers to cool you down, a refill point for your water guns, water balloons and of course enough space to go to battle. Let’s DO this!


Because of the dryness of the terrain, we need to take several measures for your safety. Unfortunately, due to these measures, the fireworks during the end show are not allowed. We tried our best to make it work in several ways, but the government’s final decision is that it is not safe enough. Anyway, together with you we will make this a day to remember!


As the event is situated in a forested area, even cigarettes can cause fires with these warm and dry weather conditions. Please protect your own, and the safety of the environment by not throwing any cigarettes in the forest, on the access routes and at the parking.

Please keep in mind that smoking is not allowed in indoor areas. As organization we’ll receive high fines if we exceed this rule, so we’d really appreciate your understanding and cooperation on this matter. Please note: we won’t sell cigarettes at the festival.

Check more finale info!

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